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Should We Stop Worrying About EVA Foam Puzzle Mats?

We feel we needed to do an update on the Foam Mat post especially after we received the following charged comment from a reader’s point of view we do not agree with: “Wow what a bunch of pseudoscience crap is in this article. I’ll go with the tadpoles mats. Thanks. I found that this article […]

The Latest on EVA Foam Puzzle Mats and Why They’re Still Not Safe For Your Baby

We wanted to give you our latest update on the EVA (Ethylenvinylacetat) Foam Puzzle Mats. We were the first blog in the US reporting the recall on EVA foam mats last year and we have received plenty of emails from you all since. EVA can be produced very cheaply, that’s why it’s so widely used […]

The Latest Updates On Toxic Formamide In Foam Puzzle Play Mats Plus Chart of Manufacturers

OUR LATEST UPDATES FROM NOVEMBER 29th, 2011 CAN BE FOUND HERE! UPDATES¬† ON MAY 5th, 2011: As of today we have become aware of a new concern around foam mat manufacturers and this leads us to personally believe that ALL EVA FOAM MATS are not to be trusted as healthy products. We would personally not […]