About EVA Foam Puzzle Mats

Foam Puzzle Mats are a typical flooring in infants and children’s rooms, and even child care facilities and preschools.

EVA can be produced very cheaply, that’s why it’s so widely used in products ranging from foam mats, bath toys to flip flops and more. Formamide doesn’t smell, is easily absorbed through breathing, skin contact or mouth.

Why the Formamide Free Statement Is Meaningless

We actually decided NOT TO update our chart, as the whole ‘formamide free’ statement is meaningless. Formamide is usually tested to ONLY a certain level (10mg/kg) and if it passes that level, then test results say ‘PASS’ which translates to ‘formamide free’. At this time, there is NO 100% formamide FREE EVA foam puzzle mat. The government doesn’t regulate Formamide in the US. What also stinks (literally) is that most of the mats are sold in packaging made of toxic PVC!

Europe has taken drastic action regarding Formamide: The formamide is also one of the substances known as “CMR (carcinogenic and / or mutagenic or toxic to reproduction) for the European Union, as a reproductive toxicant. The use of CMR substances in toys will be prohibited in all countries of the European Union from July 2013 under a directive came into force in summer 2009.

“Formamide shouldn’t be used in baby products. Formamide is more harmful than Phthalate.”

– Dr. Hermann Kurse, Toxicologist at the University of Kiel in Germany