About Us

Why we created this site?

EVA Foam Mat posts are the posts that have the most readership on our blog SAFbaby.com.

Our blog has recently been attacked and we believe that the information we are delivering needs to be public. So we have launched this site so parents can still be informed on the dangers of EVA foam mats, regardless of the status of SAFbaby.com.

Safbaby.com’s Mission

SAFbaby.com is the “baby” of two mothers. Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson are infused with big dreams, a great vision and are strongly passionate about this work. They intend to offer to parents what they could not personally find themselves: An eye opening and encouraging blog about raising children in a toxic-free environment.

“I think this is great. I have been trying to learn all this type of stuff on my own. You have clearly laid out some of the issues that are most important to me. More importantly you give parents easy ways to make the necessary changes.” -Kari Bliss

SAFbaby.com is among the 5 most popular eco-conscious & non-toxic baby & child blogs in the US out of literally thousands of blogs. We are unique because we offer much more than product reviews. We offer respected and trustworthy articles that pertain to creating the most non-toxic environment possible for our children.

“Safbaby is a terrific resource for moms looking for safer PVC/toxic-free products for baby and the home. In an age of lead and other toxic chemicals in kids toys, Safbaby is a beacon shining the light towards actions parents can take to protect their families from unnecessary dangerous chemicals in the home.” – Mike Schade, PVC Campaign Coordinator Center for Health, Environment and Justice – besafenet.com/pvcchej.org